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The Benefits of an Integrated Approach to Marketing

In the consumer world, it has long been acknowledged that an integrated approach to your marketing efforts is imperative to ensure that you reach all your potential buyers on every possible channel because buyers do their research in various places before they buy anything. In the last few years, that trend has transitioned into the B2B world too.

Today, buyers are in complete control and there is no longer a defined path through the sales channel. This means that it is crucial to take an integrated approach to B2B Marketing, combining different techniques across multiple channels. Integrated marketing allows your company to communicate with your audience with a unified voice, irrespective of channel or device. And it ensures that your campaigns have the desired effect and generate demand and measurable pipeline for your business.

Most large organisations have separate Public Relations, Content Marketing and Digital Marketing teams and because of this, it can be difficult to ensure consistency in messaging across large siloed departments. However, there is no doubt that a top of funnel strategy that is truly effective combines the power of earned coverage, paid media, content syndication and ABM or other outbound campaigns. For example, immediately getting your earned coverage pushed out to your audience through other channels; via email campaigns, content syndication or even Direct Mail.

Prospects need to hear the same message repeatedly before they start to really pay attention to it. If you’re not consistent with your messaging, it will become lost in an over-crowded space filled with competing vendors.

At FLUME, we will always try to encourage an integrated approach to your campaigns. We know that no two clients are the same and have therefore built a flexible structure that allows you to pick and choose the services that are right for you so that we can support your specific needs. However, many clients combine all of our services and often take on a dedicated resource or marketing team, ask us to conduct data marketing to ensure a solid basis for the campaigns and events we manage for them and then build a strategy for a fully localised integrated approach.

We have found with many clients that we are able to leverage global and regional campaigns and PR and integrate everything into the campaigns and events that we run, sometimes more effectively than the global or EMEA teams are able to, purely because we are managing the full spectrum on a smaller scale. The benefits of this for your business are immense.

Whether you would rather work with us at the top of your funnel and stay with us to the bottom or pick us up somewhere in between; you will always get results, first time, every time. Within your budget.


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