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  • Amy Poole

Building relationships during a Pandemic

Over the last 15 months or so, everyone across the globe has been connected by one common denominator. Beyond the negative connotations of this period, one positive aspect is that we’re provided with an unspoken connection with every single person in the world. And this can actually help us build relationships in a “real” way with everyone we speak to.

Prior to the pandemic, most of us had the occasional web call but for many, our calendars are now full with one web-based meeting after the other. With face-to-face interactions at a minimum, or completely eliminated, these online meetings have had to change in order for us to maintain relationships. 2020 saw the world change in so many ways and has ultimately changed how we interact. How many of us have dreaded the words, ‘Can you turn your camera on?’ during a Zoom call? But the truth is that having cameras on does dramatically increase interaction.

Even as the World starts to lift restrictions in some regions, the way we do business will be forever changed and Teams and Zoom are definitely here to stay. So how do we create genuine connections and build rapport with someone when we’re only seeing each other on screen?

It’s important to review how we communicate with each other personally and professionally. Building relationships with potential customers as well as maintaining existing client relationships was much easier when we could catch up over a coffee or lunch and see and respond genuinely to another person’s reactions and words. Our focus now needs to be on making our interactions as genuine and as authentic as possible in the limited time we have during a digital meeting or phone call so it’s not “just another zoom meeting” or sales pitch that adds to the “Zoom fatigue” that so many are experiencing.

But How?


What are the pain-points specific to their job role, internally as a business team as well as operationally as an entire business? Getting the whole picture makes someone feel heard and makes us more relatable.


How do we relate to the situations that are affecting someone and their business? How can we as individuals and our business services help to support and provide solutions that make a unique difference to that individual or company?


Think about how we can humanise and personalise the conversation and content we are presenting to make our discussions more civilised, refined, understandable, relatable and appreciated by our audience.

It’s important for us not to forget that no two people have the same character, and no two job roles have the same objectives or pain points and therefore, they should not be marketed to or sold to in the same way either.

We are all feeling the pressure of sales cycles becoming longer and targets more challenging to achieve, however, if we take the time to create meaningful relationships and nurture our connections rather than pushing an agenda, businesses will reap the rewards in many ways. Whilst this has always been the case, it’s now more important than ever because of the fact that it is now more difficult. It’s crucial to build a way of working that will withstand the test of time and a global crisis!

Listen, understand, connect and respond to the human in front of you, albeit on screen! and you will see the organic growth of fruitful relationships, and positive outcomes that have longevity and meaning. Now is the time to build authentic, genuine relationships that are based on honest understanding and sentiment. Be real, be you.


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