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Get more from your cancelled event budget: Pairing virtual events with ABM could be a strategy that

This year has seen the business world turned upside down due to the impact of COVID-19. With the cancellation of many key events across the globe, companies have been left wondering how best to spend their event budgets. How do you reach your key audiences, have meaningful conversation and achieve the same level of ROI as the face-to-face events you’d signed up to exhibit at? Fear not! In fact, this creates an opportunity to deliver the same results at a lower cost with a strategic digital campaign.

ABM campaigns tied into virtual events enable you to build awareness for your brand whilst connecting directly to your target audience with guaranteed results.

We regularly support our clients with managing a variety of events including exhibitions and large tradeshows and we will continue to do so in the future. But swapping out event budgets in favour of ABM campaigns in recent months has proved to be a winner for our clients; not only meeting their original targets but actually producing much better results.

An ABM campaign and virtual event with lead generation costs 30% less than a traditional tradeshow. And whilst a tradeshow can get you anywhere between 100 and 1000 enquiries, figures show that you’ll only get a 5% conversion to opportunity and often no more than 100% return in terms of pipeline vs event investment. Switching a virtual campaign can guarantee you a 40% conversion to opportunity and a minimum return of 200% for the investment you make.

With results like this, even when the world returns to some form of normality, we predict that virtual events will be here for the long-haul and become a household favourite as part of the marketing strategy, especially when combined with an ABM campaign. We strongly advise building this strategy into your plans.

More information about the ABM campaigns and virtual events we have been doing can be found here


With a portfolio of predominantly global tech leaders in cyber-security and networking, we operate throughout EMEA providing marketing resourcing and solutions to the tech industry.

Our biggest strength is our ability to reach target accounts and contacts, engaging, nurturing and building sales pipeline through various different styles of marketing campaigns, mainly ABM, events, digital marketing and data/telemarketing.


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