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Boardroom Events

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A new event series that guarantees the results you define from the outset.

Are you ready

to accelerate

your Business?

Maximise your

marketing budget

In today’s climate, marketers are often faced with limited and highly scrutinised budgets. Ever changing economic conditions have made it increasingly difficult to reach your targets and consistently deliver outstanding results for your marketing investment.


So how do you maximise your budget to effectively engage your target audience with impactful messaging and build that all important pipeline?

FLUME has combined years of event expertise, with experience and success in Account Based Marketing to launch FLUME ON - a new event series that guarantees the results you define from the outset.

Introducing FLUME ON 

Boardroom Events

FLUME ON offers digital and physical boardroom events, which can be hosted in the country of your choice, with a cost to accommodate your budget, whilst delivering results in alignment with your revenue targets.  


Our events will equip you with an intimate platform for you to directly engage with your target audience to share knowledge, insights and experiences, enabling you to deliver compelling messages without it being diluted by other sponsors. As chairperson of the boardroom, you control the narrative.

The events can run for up to two-hours, using bespoke, modern video conferencing technology, or Covid-19-compliant venues. They are scalable with digital sessions able to host 15-100 attendees and physical events able to host 10-30 delegates.

You decide the theme of the event, define the target audience and leave the rest to us.


FLUME identify, qualify and guarantee attendance of a pre-agreed number of delegates from your target account list, which means you only pay for the people who attend.  

Event Format

Pre-registration qualification of the audience’s interest, enabling you to tailor the event topic and theme  


Presentation by your organisation followed by an interactive Q&A panel discussion, with live polling    


Up to two hours duration  


Post-event lead qualification of the registration and attendee lists 

Added Services

Extended digital awareness campaigns    


Direct mail – invitations / giveaways to key attendees



What’s Included

An assigned FLUME project manager for end-to-end event coordination and management


Video content invitation (design & distribution)


Full delegate acquisition management


Advertising and awareness via social media channels and other mediums  


Presentation content support  


Experienced event moderator ​


Attendee qualification to produce meetings

We take pride in our numbers


Years of Experience


Events organised


Pipeline opportunities created


Million sales pipeline generated


Flume ON logos V2-03.png
  • Over 15 years’ experience in delivering successful regional events with high customer satisfaction

  • We combine ABM best practices with integrated multi-channel campaigns, giving our events a compelling edge

  • Real expertise in technology marketing

  • Direct engagement with target customers, maximising networking and sales opportunities

  • We deliver events in various formats: from digital to physical, you will have the choice of panel discussions, Q&A sessions, fireside chats, and live polling

  • Quality assurance is a given because we qualify all attendees based on your target audience

  • Results are guaranteed - you only pay for what we deliver

  • We act as your marketing manager – we handle everything, so you don’t have to!  

With guaranteed results delivered via a multitude of channels and formats, there’s no better time to start the conversation with us. And your audience! 


Middle East & Africa
+971 52 8830211

+44 20 3885 0808

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